Natural Moss In Snow Jadeite Jade Barrel Pendant

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  • Gemstone: natural jadeite jade
  • Origin: Myanmar/Burma
  • Color: white + light green
  • Transparency: translucent
  • Shape: barrel
  • Height: 11.35 mm
  • Width: 13.65 mm
  • Treatment: natural, untreated

This cute little pendant is made of 100% natural, undyed and untreated jadeite jade. The jade is carefully carved into a barrel shape. This piece features one of the most beautiful forms of jadeite, moss-in-snow. It has translucent snowy white background with light green patches. This type of jade is rare and often highly valued by jade collectors.

The center hole is large and can accommodate most chains. This jadeite barrel is super cute and dainty. It can be worn as a pendant or a bracelet charm. Minimalist design, perfect for everyday wear.