Natural Translucent Green Jadeite Jade Barrel, 15 x 14.5mm

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  • Gemstone: natural jadeite jade
  • Origin: Myanmar/Burma
  • Color: faint green + vivid green
  • Transparency: translucent
  • Shape: barrel
  • Height: 15mm
  • Width: 14.5mm
  • Inner diameter: 5.25mm
  • Treatment: natural color, not enhanced
  • Layaway available for this item

This all-time-favorite moss in snow jadeite pendant is made of 100% natural, undyed and untreated jadeite jade. The jade is carefully carved into a barrel shape. It has a translucent snowy white background with vibrant green spots. The green color of this piece is very lively and refreshing. 

Minimalist and modern design, this pendant is an easy-to-wear for any occasion. All you need is a simple necklace or bracelet chain.

Please note: There is a small chip at the drill hole which is not visible when worn. Other than that, the stone has absolutely no stone lines or cracks. The price has been reduced for this inclusion.

Green Jade is the spiritual birthstone for the month of March and considered one of the birthstones for Virgo. This stone is a symbol of purity, serenity, and tranquillity. It is a gemstone that is said to bring harmony, friendship, good luck and peace.